Jaipur Dreaming

Nov 13, 2011

Photos by Natalie Hayllar. Styling by Lisa Madigan.

India is a destination that has always intrigued me, but I must admit has never been at the top of my 'must travel' list. That was before I met Fiona Caufield, acclaimed travel writer and author of Love Travel Guides, handbooks for luxury vagabonds. My brand new signed copy of  'Love Jaipur, Rajasthan' now holds pride of place on top of my favourite book stack, reminding me of the future trip that I will one day take to India... 

Following the bright pink and orange rose petals up the stairs into the ever-beautiful fresh white Lisa Madigan store & gallery, I was lucky enough to spend a whimsical afternoon sipping iced tea and listening to passionate Indian travel tales. From Goa to Jaipur, Mumbai to Delhi, Fiona shared some beautiful anecdotes of her favourite and exotic cities and hidden gems. With tips on where to buy the best fabrics and luxury handmade home-wares, hidden Portugese palaces for afternoon tea, luxury massages in Goa and special yoga retreats, it was hard not to be whisked away. I now know that the best way to see the Taj Mahal for the first time is under the moonlight from a very special vantage point across the river, and that some Elephants have their own public holidays! 

For anyone planning a trip, The Love Travel Guides will introduce you to the most authentic experiences, written with the sole purpose of helping you fall in love with India. Only the most carefully selected places are included in the books, and the selection criteria is simple - if the place helps you fall in love with the city then it is in. If not, it is out. After two years of research for each guide, you can rest assured that the places listed in the books are not to be missed. And for any first timers to India some great advice "choose a few places and do them well, do not try to see it all in one trip", says Fiona.

"I believe falling in love with a city is just as exciting as falling in love with a person. Your senses become engaged and you simply feel more alive"...Fiona Caufield

It was an absolutely perfect afternoon in Berry, surrounded by the beautiful Lisa Madigan originals and the dreamy silk installation from Kate Armstrong floating in the breeze behind us. I walked away feeling inspired, excited, and with a serious case of the travel bug.

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All of the love travel guides are handmade from natural Eco-friendly fabrics and beautifully presented. An ideal gift for any fellow travel lovers. 

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