A postage stamp & a wooden spoon...

Dec 17, 2011

Image of wee old gowth jam spoon
Image of arbutus salt bowl 3
Image of yew rustic board
Image of yew serving spoon 2
All images via Herriott Grace

This very special Father & Daughter story made me smile. It is the story of Herriott Grace of  fortysixthatgrace which I have been adoring for some time now.
The story: 3400 kilometers apart, Father in British Columbia, and daughter in Toronto, a postage stamp and a small package containing a hand carved wooden spoon. The start of something special. In the packages to follow were a collection of hand carved spoons made from carefully selected and sentimental wood of various origin and age. When Nikole realised that she might not be the only one to love and appreciate her Fathers special talent, Herriott Grace was born.
The shop: after 3 years their small shop expanded and together they range the most gorgeous collection of hand carved and hand turned wooden objects, spoons, bowls, chopping boards and serving plates online"None are exactly the same, and thus none are perfect". 
The blog: lucky for us in Australia we now have the beautiful fortysixthatgrace blog to savour and appreciate these beautiful pieces and truly stunning food styling and photography from Nikole Herriott. You can read the entire Herriott Grace story on the fabulous new look blog
My story: when I read this story it brought back lovely memories of my weekends away with my Dad and family friends. We all camped in wooden cabins in the pine forests of Oberon (NSW) running around collecting snow and toasting marshmallows by the fire. By night we would all walk under the stars with our torches to see if we could spot any wombats. By day we would collect wood and look for frozen ponds. Dad often made small hand carved and polished wombats and wooden bowls and plates that are now carefully placed around my parents home for my own little boys to admire. 
I hope you enjoy these beautiful objects and styling as much as me

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