Featured Artist: Kareena Zerefos

Feb 18, 2012

Images and inspiration via Kareena Zerefos and CreativeBoom. 

The last few weeks I have taken my head out of the books and hit the galleries instead. Totally inspired of late by various artists; the one and only Pablo Picasso, Lisa Madigan's beautiful oils, and most recently my dear friend Melanie Duncan's desert inspired outback collection (more on that soon...). All of this creative energy has led me to a new project: creating my very own workspace at home, a place for me to keep my treasures, write my stories and blog of course! We are slowly converting our garage to create more space...but in the meantime I am just looking for a little corner of creativity in my own home. I was delighted to stumble across this gorgeous workspace and equally lovely article about artist Kareena Zerefos on Creative Boom.

Kareena is a Sydney artist, illustrator and designer living in London. It is easy to see how this beautiful workspace (at Papered Parlous Studios) could be the place of creative inspiration for these absolutely dreamy artworks. Loving the whimsical faces, feathery sketches with a vintage circus feel, I have been totally swept away by this artist. Both graphite, markers and ink on paper - 'From the Menagerie' inspired by travelling menageries, and running away to join the circus; and 'Siren Girl' inspired by the seductive, yet dangerous bird-women of Greek Mythology, are two of my fav collections. I am thinking they would look perfect in a cosy corner of my little boy's room...or anywhere for that matter! Simply beautiful. 

A little quote seen on one of the postcards in Kareena's workspace that just caught my eye:

"I wish you were here to see confusion give way to clarity. Paper covers rock."

More on this beautiful artist

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