Pins by Lydra with Anthony Breslin

Aug 19, 2012

Images provided by Pins By Lydra

Pins by Lydra and Anthony Breslin collaborate to bring us an exhibition with a twist... Anthony Breslin’s recent exhibition, “Business as Usual” at TVH Gallery in Seaforth, (near Manly in Sydney) was not just any exhibition. Breslin collaborated with Melbourne based fashion label, Pins By Lydra to launch his new collection of designer leggings with a display and live model installation on the opening night.  Best known for his abstract style, Breslin’s shared his moving story, and his wonderfully vibrant collection - " a kaleidoscope of shades and distinct use of shapes - lend a distinct vibrancy and carnival feel to the collaboration". Pins By Lydra  are a fabulous and truly unique series of designer leggings that collaborate with artists and musicians to show their work in a unique and fun way. The Anthony Breslin prints were hand-picked by fans of the luxurious Pins.  Pins by Lydra welcomes artists and musicians to submit their artwork and graphic to get involved in this unique initiative online. You can also check out her latest collection featuring illustrator Lucy Wood from White Rabbit Says.

Thank you to Anthony for sharing his moving and inspiring story, to Trevor for putting on such a wonderful exhibition at the gallery, and especially to Linda from Lydra for inviting me along to see it all come to life. I hope to share more of Anthony's story on the blog soon. Not only is he a lovely guy and awesome artist, he has an amazing home in an old restored church in Melbourne...more on that coming soon.  Until now you can check out more on the artists below.

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