{Style Sessions With} Leanne Carter-Taylor

Sep 9, 2012

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{STYLE SESSIONS WITH...} Leanne Carter-Taylor, Owner, Curator & Director of Balmains’ iconic quintessential duckeggBLUE - the home of found industrial & antique objects and duckeggBLUE - beautiful clothes & covetable style. Lucky for us Leanne shares her love for European Industrial, Hermes, travel dreams of Italy and some hidden Balmain gems. A huge fan of the gorgeous Balmain store and shared love for 'found' objects, I am thrilled to welcome Leanne to {Style Sessions with...}...

What is the one thing you would like people to remember about quintessential duckeggBLUE? My passion, ability and talent to act as a ‘curator’ – I source, select, restore and finally merchandise all our ‘found industrial & antique objects’ within the original store concept that is quintessential duckeggBLUE

How would you describe your signature style? European Industrial, Best of British, Quirky and Classic all at the same time, Quality, Timeless, Clean & Simple Design and most importantly Original – we do not deal with reproduction, it’s just not quintessential

What’s hot in Australian interiors right now? To be honest I don’t follow ‘trends’ when it comes to the furniture store of our business. Instead, I answer questions such as what is the quintessential farmhouse table? So to answer the question I source European antique tables made from timbers such as English Elm, French Oak and Chestnut, which epitomise the classic shape and detail of a quintessential farmhouse table. Or, what makes a 1930s leather chair quintessential? Or a 70 year-old industrial factory clock my favourite way to keep track of our modern schedules? 

"We all know that quality and provenance are paramount, but I ask the question of whats that intangible something else that really makes a piece covetable? Finding these covetable pieces is my absolute passion. Just as our homes are a reflection of each of us, never quite perfect, always improving and changing, I believes that the shop is a reflection of my style rather than a seasonal trend" says Leanne

Which designers send you weak at the knees? British interior designer, entrepreneur, author and restaurateur, Sir Terrence Conran – always has!  I always make a bee line to his stores, The Conran Shops,  when I am overseas to see what is currently inspiring  him.  A little disappointed I must say on my last visit a few weeks ago in Paris – nothing but reproduction industrial furniture and reproduction leather club chairs – I’m not a reproduction girl – original all the way!! Another Sir, Sir Paul Smith – for both Women’s and Men’s fashions.  I think his signature style of Classic yet Quirky, Best of British and quality workmanship is the fashion equivalent of our style in quintessential duckeggBLUE.  His trademark stripes send shivers down my spine every time – whether they are on a pair of my husband’s socks or scarf, to the use of them on a Mini car! 

Finally, the sight of any Hermes store around the world will always send me weak at the knees – an absolute MUST visit (although both the Sydney & Melbourne stores are really disappointing – the choice of styles is just not available!).  I have a few covetable purchases from Hermes, from their enamel bangles, silk scarves and leather wrist straps to their iconic ‘Cape Cod’ watch.  I am yet to indulge in a ‘Birkin’ Bag!!

 What inspires you to get out of bed in the morning? Completely honest answer – 4 dogs waiting to be walked every morning!

 If you could travel anywhere tomorrow where would it be and why? Italy, but I would need at least 4 weeks off work to make the most of the country and visit everywhere that my heart desires in Italy, but 4 weeks off work isn’t going to happen.  So I’m probably due a trip to New York for an overload of consumerism and art at its best, or a relaxing trip to Tahiti to snorkel and explore the beautiful oceans.

EATING: I can often be found with friends at a little wine bar which has recently opened in Balmain, The Lodge.  It opened about 12 months ago and is exactly what both I and Balmain needed! It reminds me of the funky English haunts that I used to frequent when living back in EngIand over 12 years ago!  It has character and soul, but has a great understated ambience (it basically doesn’t try hard to be cool, so therefore it is a cool place for these exact reasons)– the type of place where you can easily melt into the background, as well as a great range of wines and yummy tapas-style food offerings. It’s very easy to stay here for a bottle or two!

READING: Nothing printed I’m afraid.  Instead blogs (eat read love is always on my read list), and just general browsing of the web to see what I can discover and find!  I spend most of my time reading emails and I have a very close and personal relationship with my I phone – she comes everywhere with me!!  I have named her ‘Camilla’ – just as Camilla was the third person in the marriage of Charles & Diana, so ‘Camilla’ the Iphone, is the third person in my marriage!

LOVING: All my new industrial & antique finds from my most recent trip to Europe – all of which are in store now!

Any new exciting projects on the horizon for quintessential duckeggBLUE? There are many, but I’m afraid my lips are sealed!  We are currently working on a major new project/development within the business, all of which is creatively exciting and challenging at the same time!  All I can say is I am very lucky to be surrounded by and working with many talented, creative people on this project!  Eat Read Love will obviously be one of the first to find out what we are planning and launching in the next few months, but until then, it’s a waiting game!

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