{Style Sessions with...} Anya H

Nov 26, 2012

{STYLE SESSIONS WITH...} Anya H, turning traditional interior design on its head and sharing the latest trends from the London Design Festival - mirrors, metallics, and mixing it up... 

It is rare that the words 'access', 'affordability' and 'professional interior design' are found in the same sentence. That is about to change. In the days of Pinterest, Google images, home decor related blogs and many other online sources, finding ideas and inspiration for your home is just the touch of a button away. Filtering these ideas and images, knowing how to achieve the right blend of styles and relating them to your home environment, your lifestyle and your budget, as well as making it all actually happen, is a different matter altogether. Many people, even the most creative amongst us, can become unstuck. So in steps the wonderful Anya Haywood into the mature home design market. A 20-year career in the Creative Industry spanning BBC Magazines in London through to Leo Burnett Advertising in Sydney, Anya saw the opportunity to bring modern technology to the interior design industry and in doing so, turning the industry standard operating practice on its head. 

Anya’s first port of call was client needs…. 

"It was both disappointing and frustrating listening to people say that they’d love help from a professional designer for guidance and confidence with their interior decisions, but felt pretty intimated by the exclusivity of the industry, that designers were ‘just for the rich and famous’ or that they imposed too much of their own style on their clients, without really addressing the client’s individual needs, lifestyle and personal tastes…" With this level of market frustration, Anya was determined that her practice, Anya H Interiors, would change things. To achieve this, the Internet was the key. Anya H’s online design service  enables clients to achieve their dream home by working interactively, via the internet, with a team of professional designers through a design assessment, photos and measurements – all for a fixed fee and at a fraction of the cost of traditional design services. “My goal with Anya H Interiors is to package up service offerings in a more palatable approach so that clients have greater understanding at the start of a project about what the end result will cost. At the same time, I don’t believe in imposing my own style on clients. I want to encourage more clients to take a more individual approach to defining their space i.e. integrating their own collections/eccentricities/lifestyle needs to put a more personal, unique stamp on their homes.”

To what extent does Anya think online interior design will change the industry? “There will always be a need for onsite design services where clients do not have the time, energy nor interest in getting involved and they simply want (and can afford) a turn key, totally outsourced solution for achieving their desired look and feel. At the same time, there is I believe, a large, untapped market of consumers who actually do enjoy getting involved in designing their own home, searching online and in store for products and ideas, yet they would like direction and support from a professional to pull it all together. The transparency of the online design service particularly appeals to people – consumers are in control of the process and costs which is a far easier (and cheaper) purchasing decision to make than a face-to-face, onsite consultation.”

On a practical level, Anya has some tips on how you can confidently inject your own personal style into your home without blowing your budget…Put simply, mix it up! Mix up patterns and textures. Mix up old with new. Mix up expensive with inexpensive. Your home should tell a story. Your story - not a copied style from a magazine, showroom or friend’s house but a stylish and functional space that reflects who you are, your personality and your style. Thinking about Interiors is just like how you think through your wardrobe… if you wore ‘designer’ or ‘denim’ from head to toe you would lose your individuality and style… good fashion is all about mixing it up, wearing the killer shoes with the simple high street LBD.  Work on a WOW factor for your room, e.g. it could be that amazing French style bronze chandelier, but on a backdrop of a plain linen, Hampton’s style sofa, a fresh Ikat rug in a warm orange and, if you love that Hollywood Glam, a Lucite (acrylic) coffee table to provide an interesting textural contrast.  

Anya recently attended the London Design Festival and saw some clear themes and trends coming through for 2013…“Overall, art deco was a strong influence in this year’s festival. So this means we are likely to see a lot of mirrored furniture, sunburst mirrors, luxurious fabrics, muted colours and metallics around. Metallics have been all the fashion rage these past few years, so it is not surprising that the same trend has hit the home décor market. I spotted a lot of metallic home accessories around, especially brass and copper, which are all great for bringing some glamour and glitz into your home. As always, personalise wherever you can to avoid theme overload! Inspired by the cocktail of colour, pattern and texture from my trip, I developed my own ‘making metallics work’ mood board… And for me, one of the highlights of the festival was the stunning Porta Romana showroom in Chelsea Harbour….”

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