Hugh Stewart at Koskela

Jan 30, 2013

All images via Hugh Stewart 

So rich and beautiful, Hugh Stewarts Still Life Collection at Koskela
Walking through Koskela, my version of 'interiors dreamscape', wasn't I just a little thrilled to stumble upon the amazing still life collection of acclaimed photographer Hugh Stewart. Mr 5 and I had just finished a wonderful celebratory lunch at Kitchen by Mike, and whilst wondering through the Koskela Gallery I just had to stop and stare at each and every one of these beautifully rich and layered photographs - the texture of simple antique bottles with hand picked flowers. Captivated by the light, the colours so deep and rich. From a Fathers Day bottle in the Sydney home garage, to Hydrangeas in Dylan Thomas's garden, bottles collected from local pubs, garden sheds in Hereford England, each and every one tells a beautiful story. One of my favourites the orange flowers in 'Saint-Hippolyte- Du Fort 1' above was photographed at a friends home in the South of France, the bottle from a local market with flowers from the side of the road. 
“I have begun to try a slower, and more considered approach to photography. Because I travel so much I felt I needed a project. I find bottles in Antique Markets and flowers from people gardens” Often without their knowledge! Hugh Stewart
Hugh is well known for capturing memorable images of some of our most loved and intriguing celebrities gracing the pages of magazines such as British, Australian, French and American Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone. Enviable photo shoots with Johnny Cash, Jude Law, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, not too mention dreamboats George Clooney and personal favourite Leonardo Dicaprio.
If you want to get a glimpse of these captivating photographs drop by Koskela in Sydney's Rosebery - an entire warehouse filled with some of Australia's most fabulous designs. Then you have the perfect excuse for a well earned rustic lunch at Kitchen By Mike in the very same warehouse. Its hard to beat fresh snow pea and red rice salad, grilled corn with lime and homemade margarita pizza! The also sell wonderful sourdough loaves to take with you but get in early it gets very busy on weekends. An absolute haven of eat, read, loves!
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