Little Treasures, Made by Hand - Pia Jane Bijkerk

Jan 20, 2013


Images via Pia Jane Bijkerk
Internationally acclaimed stylist, photographer and author Pia Jane Bijkerk has a wonderful new limited edition book - "Little Treasures, Made by Hand". 
I was so excited to find out that one of my all time favourite interior and still life stylists has a delightful new offering - Little Treasures Made by Hand. Pia writes about the journey on her beautiful blog - following the birth of her daughter gorgeous parcels began to arrive, each filled with the most beautiful handmade gifts from loved ones. So overwhelmed with gratitude, in the early hours of the morning an idea was born 'as bright as a shining star' according to Pia...

"Imagine if I could create a book, photographing and cataloguing each unique object, writing a little about each person who made and sent the gift, sharing links to their websites so others could also buy their beautiful creations or find out more about them. It would be a collection of little treasures, connecting creative souls around the globe. I thought, Yes, this would be the most wonderful way to say thank you…" Pia Jane Bijkerk

This will be the third 'Made by Hand' series, and this very special limited edition will be in both English AND French. The French title is Petits Trésors: faits à la main

What a wonderful idea indeed. I  have spent many a late night wandering dreamily through Pia's blog and book 'My Heart Wanders', so inspired by her travels to Paris and whimsical tales of falling in love with France. The book still sits on my favourite purple side table (pictured) right next to the chair where I so often sit and write my blog and dream away. Thank you for the constant source of inspiration. Natalie x 

For details on Pia's beautiful new book go to the beautiful blog and watch the video

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