High Coffee anyone.... L'Hotel de Vendome, Paris by the Cool Hunter

Mar 22, 2013

All images sourced from The Cool Hunter
The very cool The Cool Hunter has found perhaps the next best thing. "Wine tasting is passé and the English have already perfected the High Tea, and nothing surpasses the Japanese tea ceremony. So what’s next? The creative minds at L'Hôtel de Vendôme in Paris set their eyes on “High Coffee.” says the cool Hunter. What a fabulous idea and doesn't this hotel look just divine. No doubt the trend will follow in Sydney. Has anyone had High Coffee here....?? Thanks Cool Hunter for the inspiration..... 

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Birthday Table Styling with Loni Parker

The lovely Loni Parker from Adore Home Magazine shares a little table setting inspiration form her recent birthday party. Simple, sophisticated and just a splash of pretty pink. For more home and table inspiration you must take at look at the Adore Home blog too and the fabulous new Adore Home book project!! 

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The Adore Home Book....!

Adore Home magazine is currently available to read online only. Due to the overwhelming response to Adore and those wanting a printed copy they have decided to release an Adore Home book. The book will be full of beautiful, colourful homes and include homes featured in the past plus lots of brand new homes never seen before. But Loni needs your help to get this project off the ground.  For more details on how you can support this wonderful project follow the links 

The book will have an emphasis on colour and how to use it in the home, along with great styling ideas and tips from those in the industry. By pledging online you can also chose the option to get tickets aboard the Adore Home shopping tour, guided by editor Loni Parker. This exclusive tour will take you to the best interior shops in Brisbane (seen above). 

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Style Sessions: Citizens Taking on the World

Mar 17, 2013

Meghan and Dom from Citizens of the World
Meet the original DWELLER
Show us your Space: home of Arran Russell Vanishing Elephant
The Last Resort

{STYLE SESSIONS WITH...} Citizens of the World 
A little over a year ago I was lucky enough to meet the gorgeous duo that is Citizens of the World and have been following their fabulous lifestyle blog ever since. Like me and many bloggers I know, writer and blogger Meghan McTavish and partner Photographer Dominic Loneragan created Citizens of the World as a way of pooling their combined talents and exercising some creativity outside of their hectic 9 to 5 jobs. 

"We like to focus on people, their creative spaces, a little of what they like to wear but predominantly focus on the interesting things they do". 

I am also a big fan of their gorgeous new range of natural soy wax scented candles, each individually blended with premium essential oils and custom fragrances. I have spent many a late night writing by the light of my DWELLER candle! We are thrilled to have Meghan and Dom join us on the blog for this months Style Sessions and share a little of their story, favourite eat, read, loves and inspiration for other bloggers. 

How did the Citizens of the World story begin. We’d talked about starting a blog for over a year but only dived in around April 2012. At first we were caught up in doing street-style (which scored us an award nomination in the 2012 Blogster Awards) but quickly figured out that we didn’t want to judge what people were wearing. It’s not our style at all. If you go back through the posts you’ll notice that we weren’t very fixated on the typical street style look anyway (eg: designer brands from head to toe). We were actually a lot more interested in talking to the people we were shooting, which sparked off the idea to focus more on interviews and interiors shoots. When you blog you have to be open to evolving. The beauty is that it’s so personal so readers are more open to watching it evolve with you. The candles (Dweller, Native Gardenia and the most recent Last Resort) came on a few months ago. They are the result of a lot of research and agony over design and scent. The response has been amazing though and they’ve quickly become a huge part of what we do. We event spotted our Native Gardenia on the pages of RUSSH Magazine recently and we didn’t even know it was going to be in there!

Describe your signature style? Down-to-earth and versatile. We both agree designer brands are great but we don’t live and die by them. 

Designers that send you weak at the knees? Dom likes Australian brands like Mr Simple from Melbourne, who do amazing printed shirts. Assembly label from Sydney, who have a very clean cut energy. As well as Vanishing Elephant for basics. For me it’s less about designers and more about how it looks. I like my clothes to go the distance and mix and match with everything. I tend to spend a lot on shoes and bags and then sandwich basics in between to make it financially viable but my biggest splurges would be on Alexander Wang, Acne, Celine and fragrances (I love Joy by Joy Patou). Sometimes you’ve got to be creative to make it all work together.

What inspires you to get out of bed in the morning? Our cat. He’ll sit on our chests and stare intensely and then won’t leave us alone until he gets fed. 

If you could travel anywhere tomorrow where would it be?
I’d say the beach at Tulum in Mexico, Dom would say The Rockies for skiing.  

EATING: The beef broth from Pho Pasteur on George Street in Sydney. It’s so nourishing and you’ll see us there a lot as the weather cools down. READING: Just finished ‘Futurevision: Scenarios for the world in 2040’ by Watson Richard and Freeman Oliver. It draws up 4 possible futures for the world based on the economic and environmental challenges we’ll face. Put simply, it asks if the competition for limited resources will compel us to innovate and grow a bigger social conscious or drive us into some kind of depressing dystopia of ‘The Road’ meets ‘Mad Max’? Not your typical vampire romance but I wouldn’t suggest it if it wasn’t super engrossing. LOVING: The highlighter coloured printed cushions from Agnes Homestore (Available on They instantly brighten up a room. AND Homeland – it’s had us on the edge of our seats since episode 1. 

Where to next for Citizens of the World...? More photo shoots and more candles. We love collaborating on shoots together (Dom shooting, me styling) but don’t get as much time as we’d like to do it. We’ll be prioritising those a bit more.  We have also just released a new candle the Last Resort blending coconut, lime and vanilla to inspire a miraculous getaway or your personal Plan B. 

Meghan's Tips for other bloggers: Don’t let the blogger competition out there daunt you. We firmly believe everybody can and should blog. The ones that end up resonating with people are always those that stay true to who they are and avoid following trends. Just bring the best that you can to the table and the rest will follow. I also got some great advice a few years ago: “You are what you share.”  Which is especially true when it comes to the web. It’s the nature of the beast that the websites with the most content about interior design get promoted to the top of the search results.  It’s also psychologically true; if you’re only talking to people about interior design people are going to naturally turn to you for your opinions on that topic. Think about what you individually do best and hone in on that. 

Thank you to Meghan and Dom for taking part in our {Style Sessions With...} Watch this space because I know these guys are destined for big things to come. All photo credits to Citizens of the World. Oh and if you want to buy some of their gorgeous candles just click here

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Autumn Winter Style by Jessie McNaught & ROAR

Mar 13, 2013

Winter is just around the corner, and I wanted to share some gorgeous Wintery shots from this this beautiful shoot by local Stylist Jessie McNaught. Model dressed by ROAR. Photos by Carla Zinga Photography

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Join the French Evolution, Ananas Sydney

Mar 8, 2013

Photo Credits: Ananas

Joining the French Evolution in Sydney at Anana's Bar and Brasserie in Sydney. After spending a month in France late last year and admitting to a long term love affair with all things French, I was just a little excited to take my Mum and meet fellow extended family 'Francophiles' for dinner at the lovely new Ananas Bar and Brasserie. Sydney’s newest complete bar and dining destination, bringing a touch of contemporary French Mediterranean to Sydney’s Rocks district. 
Anana's is French for pineapple, and the word 'ananas' has for centuries been synonymous with hospitality and abundance. Housed within one of Sydney’s landmark historic buildings right next to the Argyle, walking into Anana's is like walking into 1920's Parisian bistro, while remaining relaxed and inviting. I adore the sassy and avant garde 1920’s inspired décor - french style mirrored tables, pineapple lamps, dark curtains, dim lighting, red leather and my favourite French bistro chairs, topped off by the most lovely and friendly French wait staff. You can walk in and enjoy a cocktail at the bar, or continue through past the Oyster Bar to the dining area. The beautiful private dining rooms are now also in mind for future functions. 
We started the evening with the signature Anana's cocktails, followed by a unique Alsace Pinot Grigio (the name escapes me now). Anana's has an impressive selection of local and French wines (some exclusive to Australia) and the cocktails alone will keep me coming back. I also loved the little fresh bread box hand delivered to each table, and of course the Ipad to select cocktails. Now to the food - the entree of Lobster Ravioli with sause vierge and curried oil - it was absolutely perfect, melting in my mouth with such rich flavours coming through. A huge fan of French staple 'Steak and Frites' I thoroughly enjoyed my fillet steak with Bearnaise as did the rest of my table! And finally it was a toss up between the berry and honeycomb Mille Feuille or the Snickers Revolution for dessert. The Mille Feuille won although I did have a little dessert envy. Tres bon Coffee Martinis to end the evening and all is well with the world! 

Walking back outside after dinner smack bang into the cobblestone laneway of the Argyle in the heart of The Rocks, I was immediately snapped out of my French haze and back to Colonial Sydney, but the few hours spent inside Anana's have surely helped keep my French daydreaming at bay until we return. If you love all things French like me you can find plenty more French style inspiration on the blog from last years Paris trip from Laduree, to Cafe de Flore, to Merci Merci and more 

18 Argyle Street The Rocks Sydney NSW 
02 9259 5668

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Cornerstones Jewellery, Milton NSW

Photos by Natalie Hayllar {eat read love}

One of my favourite places to visit on the NSW South Coast is Milton - the perfect little retreat with coffee shops, boutiques, homewares and antiques. Cornerstones Jewellery in the iconic corner building next to Pilgrim's Cafe on the highway, is a beautiful jewellery store. Owned by local jewellery designer and shop owner Charms Baltis who has an amazing passion and commitment to using ethically sourced stones and products for the store. Here is a little info about Cornerstones....
  • The pieces start the journey with beautiful and luxurious materials that are primarily hand sourced from ENVIRONMENTALLY and socially responsible suppliers. 
  • These ingredients are then hand drawn in the studio in Milton, Australia into something truly beautiful intergrating symbolism and gemstone properties that are RESTORATIVE to the soul. 
  • The elements are then painstackingly cut, hammered, soldered, filed and polished by hand. It is packaged in beautiful carved SUSTAINABLE bamboo boxes, wrapped and given to you in an eco bamboo woven fabric 'Cornerstones' bag. 
  • They GIVE 5% of net proceeds to SAVE THE CHILDREN AUSTRALIA FUND. 
  • And this is where you step in, to give this CHERISHED piece to your loved one,  yourself, your best friend or your children who will then continue this journey for generations.

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