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May 17, 2013


EAT READ LOVE to co-host Sydney Kinfolk Event in May - 'Freshen Up' with Jaclyn Carlson and a team of super Sydney creatives...
As a HUGE fan of US Magazine Kinfolk, I was absolutely thrilled when I was invited to co-host the next Sydney event 'Freshen Up' in May with the lovely Jaclyn Carlson from the newly launched Blog Society and the beautiful Little Paper Trees blog

Kinfolk publishes a consistent stream of casual entertaining ideas to which readers subscribe quarterly as a collectible print magazine, weekly with online features, and in-person with workshops, dinners and events. Kinfolk redefines “entertaining” by dusting off traditions to strengthen social networks by opening doors, sharing tables and getting outdoors under the sun and stars together. Kinfolk caters to a growing audience of young artists and food enthusiasts by focusing on simple ways to spend time together with a keen attention to design and details. Whether it’s a new cooking skill, road trip guide, camping tips or a simple reminder to visit your grandmother, Kinfolk is a blueprint for a balanced, intentional lifestyle. 

In 2013 Kinfolk started hosting monthly gatherings with readers around the globe (the inspiration for my very own #eatreadlovepopupdinner series), working with hand-picked hosts to create learning-by-doing experiences. These small- scale workshops and dinners are an invitation to guests to indulge in curiosity, taking part in skills we wish our grandparents had passed down. Kinfolk has designed ten different themes for the year, all seasonally inspired. I am so honoured to help bring this event to life in Sydney and the opportunity to work with some lovely friends and fellow creatives! 

All the details of the Sydney event are listed here!

Many thanks to the lovely MAY Partners

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eat read love #popupdinner launches at Balmain Wharf

EAT, READ, LOVE #POPUPDINNER series kicks off in style at the beautiful Balmain Wharf Apartments. A few weeks ago I hosted my very first eat read love #popupdinner! It was so much fun. Inspired by Kinfolk Magazine's dinner series, me and a small group of food loving friends met at the beautiful Balmain Wharf Apartments overlooking Sydney Harbour. The lovely Mario (who is an absolute gentlemen and all round amazing chef) cooked up a storm for us in the apartment kitchen, with a divine rustic chicken roast, and the most amazing almond tart I have ever tasted. As the city lights sparkled we sat together enjoying a fine meal overlooking the harbour watching the ferries pass by - a beautiful evening of Sydney magic, food and friendship. This was the pilot and it was so much fun I am definitely going to do it again, and again, and again...... big plans to come! {Oh and some late breaking news....after my first #popupdinner I was invited to co-host a very special KINFOLK Magazine event in Sydney with Blog Society which I am soooooo excited about. More on that coming soon on the blog}

A HUGE THANK YOU TO MY beautiful partners and supporters for the inaugural eatreadlove #popupdinner. You are the BEST!!

Thank you to my beautiful girls Kate, Kim, Bec, and Sam for being my lovely company (aka guinea pigs...for the first pop up) :)

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The Contemporary Epicurean Pocket Guide to South Coast, By Lisa Madigan

May 9, 2013

Artist LISA MADIGAN pours her heart into this gorgeous little pocket guide - everything you need to relax and rejuvenate on the NSW South Coast. So, just what is the contemporary epicurean pocket guide? Lisa Madigan has created the 'definitive mud map to the regions most inspiring places'. It’s a celebration of the people & places that make the stunning South Coast of NSW shine, in a perfect pocket sized booklet! Take it with you on your journey so you know exactly where to find those places & experiences that make our hearts skip a beat, wow us or simply allow us a moment of relaxation & rejuvenation.

Be sure to like the Facebook page ‘ the contemporary epicurean’ & delight in extra treats, editorial, insights, special offers & of course ogle all of the beautiful scenery & imagery from our wonderful showcased businesses & places! 

"The South Coast is a gem of a region & be it for a day, a week or a lifetime, we hope you enjoy your stay & revel in what it has to offer!" Lisa Madigan

You know I love the South Coast and have been writing about it on eat read love any chance I get. It is a place of inspiration, joy, family and retreat, and most certainly my special 'home away from home'. 

WIN: eat read love has 5 lovely pocket guides to giveaway. Simply comment on this post or on the eat read love facebook page and tell us (in 25 words or less) why you would like to escape to the beautiful South Coast of NSW. *

Natalie x

LISA MADIGAN artist & guide curator

* conditions of entry. Entries close on Friday 17th May. Australian Residents only. Entries should be 25 words or less. Winners will be announced on Facebook at 2pm on Friday 17th May. 

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A 'Bindle' for Every Occasion

May 5, 2013

Bespoke gifts for someone special, all wrapped up in a Bindle of love...
How lovely to come across the very cool Bindle gift concept. Wrapped in gorgeous signature tartan I knew instantly that these little 'Bindles' of the most beautiful goodies would appeal to my fellow eat read lovers!

Bindle is the answer to finding that perfect gift - both sustainable and stylish, the Bindle concept also supports talented local artisans which means I love it even more! Like many of us, Director Catherine Blackford said she "faced a constant nightmare of trying to find an inspired gift for friends and family for milestone occasions". This challenge, combined with the enthusiasm to showcase local artisans flicked the switch on the Bindle light bulb. Catherine has developed a strong relationships with local artisans brands including Salus, Kennedy and Wilson, Melbourne Rooftop Honey and TreeHorn Design to produce Australian, hand-made, tailored gift packages that present beautifully. There are Bindles for every occasion and every part of the creation is Australian - the products within the Bindles; the boxes that contain them; the hand that wrapped them. They are quite simply gorgeous.

Traditionally a 'Bindle' is a bundle of possessions carried by a hobo. Creative license has been embraced when referring to gift packages as 'Bindles'. Each Bindle is a compilation of several talented individuals that brings to it his or her own personality and creativity. Buying a lovely gift, wrapped and delivered with a personalised message is a dream for busy bees like me looking for something lovely to send to someone special.  

Perfect for friends and loved ones, corporate clients and colleagues, the Bindle is something that I think everyone would love to receive. Bindle assemble it, you take the credit. I LOVE IT!

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The Great Gatsby Vogue Inspiration

May 4, 2013

Images are from VOGUE and Tiffany & Co

The Great Gatsby Style via VOGUE
I am totally obsessed with all things The Great Gatsby and I haven't even seen the movie yet. I read the book in high school many moons ago but now seem more intrigued than ever with the story. No doubt anything Baz does with Leo is sure to be brilliant. I have been drooling over the images in VOGUE and from the TIFFANY & CO launch party. I think the styling and photos are amazing! The opulence and style from the 1920's NYC flapper era is just captivating. If I could travel back in time this would be the era of choice. Cant wait for the movie - will have to be Gold Class no doubt! Plenty more 'Flapper Fancy' inspiration on my Pinterest page. Happy weekend. Natalie x

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Armchair Escapism to Villa Sungai, Bali

May 3, 2013

Photos by Linda Popovich

Armchair escapism to Villa Sungai in Bali
One of my beautiful clients VILLA SUNGAI had some new photos taken recently by a special guest photographer. I am just posting this as a little sneak peek of my upcoming adventures in Bali later this year. eat read love will be kicking off the tour of Bali starting at the amazing VILLA SUNGAI. I have heard nothing but wonderful reports from guests staying at the Villa and cannot wait to try it out with my family. Private chef, private driver, cocktails and luxury day spa this will be the ultimate in luxury and a much needed break! VILLA Sungai was recently awarded 2013 Best Overseas Boutique Villa from Luxury Travel Magazine!! Hard to contain my excitement!! You can follow Villa Sungai on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram if you are interested in planning an amazing trip to Bali in the future.  Oh and if you have any wonderful eat read loves from Bali, Seminyak, Ubud and beyond then of course please share with us on the blog. 

Here is a little video I have made of VILLA SUNGAI.... enjoy

Villa Sungai is offering eat read lovers a very special last minute deal (7 nights min)

5-12 June 2013 (25% discount)
1-9 July 2013 (15% discount)

16-22 May 2013 (30% discount)
27 May-10 June 2013 (25% discount)

For bookings contact Pamela T: +61 (0) 410324535 E:

*Full disclosure as always - Villa Sungai is a cherished client of eat read love. 


Thanks Natalie

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