A 'Bindle' for Every Occasion

May 5, 2013

Bespoke gifts for someone special, all wrapped up in a Bindle of love...
How lovely to come across the very cool Bindle gift concept. Wrapped in gorgeous signature tartan I knew instantly that these little 'Bindles' of the most beautiful goodies would appeal to my fellow eat read lovers!

Bindle is the answer to finding that perfect gift - both sustainable and stylish, the Bindle concept also supports talented local artisans which means I love it even more! Like many of us, Director Catherine Blackford said she "faced a constant nightmare of trying to find an inspired gift for friends and family for milestone occasions". This challenge, combined with the enthusiasm to showcase local artisans flicked the switch on the Bindle light bulb. Catherine has developed a strong relationships with local artisans brands including Salus, Kennedy and Wilson, Melbourne Rooftop Honey and TreeHorn Design to produce Australian, hand-made, tailored gift packages that present beautifully. There are Bindles for every occasion and every part of the creation is Australian - the products within the Bindles; the boxes that contain them; the hand that wrapped them. They are quite simply gorgeous.

Traditionally a 'Bindle' is a bundle of possessions carried by a hobo. Creative license has been embraced when referring to gift packages as 'Bindles'. Each Bindle is a compilation of several talented individuals that brings to it his or her own personality and creativity. Buying a lovely gift, wrapped and delivered with a personalised message is a dream for busy bees like me looking for something lovely to send to someone special.  

Perfect for friends and loved ones, corporate clients and colleagues, the Bindle is something that I think everyone would love to receive. Bindle assemble it, you take the credit. I LOVE IT!

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