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May 17, 2013


EAT READ LOVE to co-host Sydney Kinfolk Event in May - 'Freshen Up' with Jaclyn Carlson and a team of super Sydney creatives...
As a HUGE fan of US Magazine Kinfolk, I was absolutely thrilled when I was invited to co-host the next Sydney event 'Freshen Up' in May with the lovely Jaclyn Carlson from the newly launched Blog Society and the beautiful Little Paper Trees blog

Kinfolk publishes a consistent stream of casual entertaining ideas to which readers subscribe quarterly as a collectible print magazine, weekly with online features, and in-person with workshops, dinners and events. Kinfolk redefines “entertaining” by dusting off traditions to strengthen social networks by opening doors, sharing tables and getting outdoors under the sun and stars together. Kinfolk caters to a growing audience of young artists and food enthusiasts by focusing on simple ways to spend time together with a keen attention to design and details. Whether it’s a new cooking skill, road trip guide, camping tips or a simple reminder to visit your grandmother, Kinfolk is a blueprint for a balanced, intentional lifestyle. 

In 2013 Kinfolk started hosting monthly gatherings with readers around the globe (the inspiration for my very own #eatreadlovepopupdinner series), working with hand-picked hosts to create learning-by-doing experiences. These small- scale workshops and dinners are an invitation to guests to indulge in curiosity, taking part in skills we wish our grandparents had passed down. Kinfolk has designed ten different themes for the year, all seasonally inspired. I am so honoured to help bring this event to life in Sydney and the opportunity to work with some lovely friends and fellow creatives! 

All the details of the Sydney event are listed here!

Many thanks to the lovely MAY Partners

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