An Artist in New York City with LISA MADIGAN

Jun 21, 2013

Photos by Lisa Madigan
NYC Street Style Through the Eyes of an Artist - with LISA MADIGAN
The streets of NYC have inspired many. I dream of returning to NYC daily. I am already planning a milestone trip #NYC40. I recently caught up with artist LISA MADIGAN for a chat upon her return from a life affirming trip to NYC.  Literally within a week of packing up her beautiful little shop in Berry, Lisa jumped on a plane & flew half way around the world to fire up her next exciting chapter as an artist & soak up all that New York has to offer, a place she says had been 'tugging at her heart strings for a while'. Here is a little of what Lisa had to say about the Big Apple that so many of us lust for ...

"It's true, New York is built upon the stuff dreams are made of. You can feel the star dust & sense the shimmer of champagne at every turn. It's grand, it's raw, it's pulsing, it's impulsive, it's intellectual & it's real. You breathe the dust & smell the sweat that's made it happen. You sense the punches she's endured & feel the community that's lifted her back onto her feet to shine again, perhaps even brighter than before.
I love that New York didn't happen by accident, it was intentional & I love that that intention has attracted some of the worlds leading minds & continues to do so. Lady Liberty is alive & well, standing strong & inspiring still.
I love the cultural diversity, I love the pace, I love the lights, I love the grit & the graffiti & I love the air lock doors that open into luxurious trinket boxes & worlds of wonder. I love the little bar that was on the corner of our block that every day had fresh market flowers in jars & played great music & made great cocktails, the kind of cocktails that involve mystery & theatre & a barman with true passion & personality. I love the intermittent weather & the winds that blow your umbrella inside out. I love MoMA. I love the Met. I love the Guggenheim & the paper partitions I had to steal a glimpse through of the atrium. I love Woody Allen & I love that our apartment had a projector so we could watch Manhattan in Manhattan. I love the magical places you find that offer no curb side trace of their existence. I love that people love their dogs & tend to their community gardens.
I felt at home. I felt tenderness & hardship & everything in between. I felt an unabashed honesty, no apologies, no pretensions. I felt embraced. I felt at ease. I felt that warm liberty glow. I felt optimism pushing through any darkness. I felt light.
It's no secret, I have ignited a life long love affair with the big apple.
I can't wait to go take another bite.

Lisa and I are working on a wonderful little collaboration together in July. Bringing great food, fabulous friends and inspiring artwork together. Stay tuned for all the details on the blog/instagram #eatreadlovepopup

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