Almond Bar - Sharon Salloum

Aug 22, 2013

EAT & READ: Almond Bar - 100 Delicious Syrian Recipes by Sharon Salloum 
Heady spices, creamy tahini, tender lamb, fragrant rosewater and fresh, salty and sweet cheeses: enter the exotic world of Syrian cooking. “I love being part of the next generation of Middle Eastern cooks. My aim is to recreate, and improve if possible, the food we have loved and shared over the years” - Sharon Salloum.

In Almond BarSharon Salloum, co-owner and chef of Almond Bar restaurant in Sydney, shares over 100 classic and contemporary Syrian recipes, including black hummus, pumpkin kibbeh, almond-crusted scallops, sour cherry kebab balls, and semolina fudge. This stunning book also lists and explains the core ingredients for a Syrian pantry such as baladieh cheese, katafi pastry and pimento, along with a national listing of the best Middle Eastern food suppliers. Sharon hopes that Almond Bar the book will shed light on the subtle difference in flavours between Syrian and other Middle Eastern food, and encourage greater appreciation for this ancient cuisine and its heritage. According to Syrian tradition, sharing meals is an essential part of spending time with family and friends – you should never eat alone. Let Sharon's natural warmth entice you to gather your favourite people around you and enjoy a taste of Syria.

Australian born Sharon Salloum was brought up in a traditional Syrian household - an average-sized family with 16 aunties and uncles, where a steady stream of family and friends were welcomed with generous offerings of food and drink. Helping in the kitchen, Sharon learnt to cook from an early age, and developed a strong sense of pride in her Syrian heritage. She has brought her traditions, her passion for food and her warmth to the ethos of Almond Bar restaurant, which Sharon runs with her sister Carol. Opened in Darlinghurst six years ago, Almond Bar’s regular customers have become part of the family. Sharon is an active member of the food community, participating in food tours and television series such as Food Safari on SBS. Almond Bar is her first book.

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