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Jun 6, 2014

Images 1-6 Luisa brimble. Image 7 by Elize Strydom. 

Alphabet Family Journal is a lovely new magazine for people who make a home together. 
I was a very proud friend when I received my first ever copy of Alphabet Family Journal last week in the mail. Founder and creator Luisa Brimble wanted to give people an alternative to the picture perfect styled glossy mags and create something a little more everyday and real. The journal is designed for people who make a home together and a celebration of getting back to basics and sharing family stories. So after many, many months planning, shooting, collaborating and creating a wave of support, Luisa did it and launched her very own magazine! What an amazing achievement. Luisa is someone who loves to help others and always does it with a smile (and wicked laugh). After all of the support and encouragement Luisa has given others over the years, I think it was time for some good karma to go straight back to Luisa and I was thrilled to see the support flow in fast to kick start the project to launch.

So who is Alphabet Family Journal for? It is for people who live in houses with yards, rent small apartments in the city, those who wake up to many warm little bodies snuggled in their bed, or those that live alone with a treasured pet. With beautiful photo essays and honest portrayals of today's family life in all it's shapes and sizes from Australia and around the globe, Alphabet Journal is something you can pick up and keep finding new little stories to relate to.

"The alphabet holds the building blocks for bedtime storytelling and dinner table conversation". 

Alphabet Family Journal will be published three times per year in June, October and February and is printed in Australia. It is the perfect little size to curl up on the couch with a cuppa and drift away. I will be taking my copy down to the South Coast this weekend to devour. Congrats to my special friend Luisa and all of the team for creating something so warm and lovely. Here is a sneak peek video of what you can expect (and a few friends spotted in here too David, Kat, Jessie!)

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