One Fine Day Wedding Sydney

Oct 30, 2014

Photos by Nadean Richards at One Fine Day Collective. 

Eat Read Love collaborates with Lisa Madigan to create a pop up dinner display with a difference at the One Fine Day Wedding Fair in Sydney.  
When the gorgeous girls from One Fine Day Wedding Collective asked if we wanted to do a pop up display at the One Fine Day Wedding exhibition in Sydney September we squealed with delight and it was a resounding YES! The only problem - it was just a few days after we returned from our Eat Read Love tour of Bali so we knew it would be hectic - but in our hearts we just couldn't say no. So in the car on the way to Denpasar airport our vision came clear and we set the wheels in motion. A week later we were sipping Chianti at our very own One Fine Day display. 

Stylist Lisa Madigan created a whimsical table setting with Chianti wine and crusty bread, rustic wooden boards and mis-matching chairs. Old pallets were painted white and stacked to create a side table display and wine buffet. Place settings made of cute little flower bulb pots with copper tags, and hand written menus on sheer paper were a favourite with our visitors. Lisa created a divine floral chandelier over the table with Silver rings floating down. It was such an honour to be involved and have the chance to create a table setting to inspire future brides and grooms looking for something a little 'outside the box'. It was such a treat to be part of One Fine Day Wedding Fair in Sydney.

Natalie Hayllar of eat read love and Lisa Madigan Stylist and Artist, share a love of bringing people together and creating beautiful, lasting memories. We have now collaborated on more than ten events together for both Kinfolk Magazine and the Eat Read Love pop up dinner series and many more in the pipeline. If you would like help creating your very own stylish product launch, intimate dinner, or pop up event, please get in contact with us for a to discuss a unique and bespoke approach to your next special event. We would love to hear from you. 

"Together we love to create bespoke events and share everlasting inspiration"

{A huge thank you to Lisa & Rob Madigan for going the extra mile and bringing our vision to life and making this event all happen so beautifully. Thanks Nadean, Jess and Marissa for inviting us to be involved. We LOVED IT!}

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Diner en Blanc Sydney 2014

Photos Credit Diner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc Sydney is coming again this year and for the first time ever I was lucky enough to get my hands on two tickets. Hooray! Diner en blanc is a secret dinner held across the world. At the last minute the location is given to thousands of friends who have been waiting patiently to learn the Diner en Blanc's secret place. Thousands of people all dressed elegantly in white gather for a mass 'chic picnic' in a public space. Last year it was Bondi beach, who knows where it might be this year…. 

Diner en blanc Guests are brought together from diverse backgrounds by a love of beauty and good taste recalling on the elegance and glamour of court society for a truly magical event.  The event was born in Paris 25 years ago by Francois Pasquier with the Diner en Blanc Paris now assembling over 15,000 people in the French Capital. My dream is to attend the Paris event one day.  

The Diner en Blanc sold out Sydney event will all be unfolding on Nov 29th in Sydney and I cannot wait to find out where and share the surprise with you. Now I am glad that I set my alarm for this as the tickets were sold in minutes. Let me know if you are also going to be there!

Here is a glimpse of what you might expect. 

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Blogging Tools, Blog Love Studio Launches

Oct 29, 2014

Great Blogging Tools are hard to come by. Here is a great site if you are looking for some handy blogger tools to manage your workload and hit your blogger goals. According to Jaclyn Carlson, its been "a long time ​in the making" which is why I am really excited to share with you the launch of Blog Love Studio, a new online resource & shop for bloggers. Super creative and hard working Jaclyn Carlson (Blog Society) has teamed up with Amanda Fuller (Kaleidescope) on a mission to bring back the blog love and provide ​the blogosphere with some well-designed, biz savvy tools to get your blog or business back on track. 

​In the online shop you'll find planners, to-do lists and a variety of beautifully designed checklists to keep you organised, focused - and looking great while doing so. It's all about surrounding yourself with well designed tools to help you fall in love with blogging all over again. I have already made my first purchase so now I have no excuse for being unorganised! 

Visit Blog Love Studio for more Blogging Tools to help you everyday. 

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New Nicholas Sparks Movie, Best of Me

Photo Credit 

The New Nicholas Sparks Movie, The Best of Me launches in Sydney. 
For my fellow book lovers, you will know I am a huge fan of Nicholas Spark's books and I love it when the movie adaptation comes out. Apart from the beautiful and heart wrenching love stories in all of Spark's books, I adore the stunning locations and homes that are used in the films. Who could forget that homestead and canoe scene in The Notebook, or the pier in Dear John? I would love to see each and every one of them, perhaps take a trip to Southern USA and visit them all. The brand new movie The Best of Me which opens in Australia today is no exception. I was lucky enough to attend a pre-screening of the New Nicholas Sparks Movie with Roadshow Films this week and just loved it. Of course James Marsden (who we all loved from The Notebook) is back again as the mature Dawson Cole and lets just say he gets better with age! Gorgeous cast young and old, and a simply stunning setting of rambling gardens, cottages and barns to dream of. I hope you like this movie as much as I did - now please take your tissues and forget the mascara this time. 

The New Nicholas Sparks Movie, The Best of Me opens in cinemas on October 17. Here is a sneak peek. 

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Kinfolk Sydney // Wabi Sabi Messy Meal

Oct 21, 2014

Photos by Rachel Kara

Kinfolk Dinner Sydney - A Messy Meal - Embracing Wabi Sabi in the Everyday

The latest Kinfolk Gathering kicked off around the world on October 11 with Sydney being one of the first host countries to start the ball rolling. With gatherings happening in Spain, USA, Russia, NZ, Greece, Japan, Ukraine and more all on the same weekend, it is always such an honour and a buzz to be a part of the global Kinfolk community and to host the gatherings in Sydney. Our lovely friends in Perth also hosted an event on the same day too. 
And while we still reminisce about our last event in Avalon, Kinfolk really put the challenge out to hosts around the world this time. For the latest global gathering we were invited to leave behind preconceived ideas of what a Kinfolk dinner should look like and push the boundaries to create something unique and different. To celebrate the latest issue of the Kinfolk magazine - the 'Imperfect Issue' we were asked to focus on the messier parts of life. To shape this event we had the Japanese notion of Wabi Sabi to guide us. A focus on the 'less perfect', the organic and the impermanent with an emphasis on using natural materials, creating warmth, focusing on the seasonal elements around us, and of course the acceptance of decay. 

With this brief we had to find a fabulous location that truly reflected the Wabi Sabi notion. And we did - in a private rooftop loft on the top floor of The Stables Retail Concept in Bourke Rd Surry Hills. With exposed brick walls, an old brick fireplace skeleton, aged timber beams, concrete floors and a rooftop garden, this little gem was THE perfect event location. 

Together with co-host Jaclyn Carlson, and with the vision of stylist Lisa Madigan and chef Mario's Kitchen, together we went about to create a unique experience for our guests, a sense of earth, a sense of place, a sense of coming together in a really casual and intimate Sydney afternoon.  It was a magical and day of raw simplicity with humble intention and there were smiles all around on this surprisingly balmy October day. 

During lunch we put our phones away, we took off our shoes, we sat on the floor on cushions at two long shared tables. We helped ourselves to food and wine, passing bowls across the tables, and moved around from one cushion to the next to chat and enjoy. The blossoms in amber bottles had passed their height of bloom and the petals dropped on the tables. Guests entered the loft space from the lift via a walkway of gum leaves crunching beneath them. The low Henry Wilson tables were set with handwritten menus and Wasara paper plates with mis-matching cutlery. Mario's food was served in handmade bowls by Ode Ceramics, and we dined with full view of a huge floral chandelier constructed from dry leaves, foliage and blossoms hanging gracefully under the skylight. 

During our Wabi Sabi meal we shared many moments of mindful messiness. A huge thank you to all of our lovely, humble and generous guests for coming along and sharing the day with us and embracing the Wabi Sabi messiness.  Of course you are what make these days so special indeed and I loved meeting each and every one of you. 

An event like this can not go by without many sincere thank you's to all of the people who help me make this happen. To my gorgeous co - host Jaclyn Carlson (Blog Societywho I love working with always! To my dear friend Lisa Madigan for her gorgeous vision and styling and for all the fun we had leading up to, and during the event. Mario & Liz from Marios Kitchen- your menus continue to delight and excite me and I absolutely love working with you. The team at The Stables Retail Concept were beyond helpful and so much fun to work with. Seriously the best!  (Thanks Danny, Todd, Charli and Benny). To the gorgeous Angie from Ode Ceramics who kindly lent us the beautiful tableware. We love Cake Wines and it is always so great to work with Glen and meet our special guest winners. Our guests were very lucky to receive a gorgeous Summer gift pack from Aesop. And of course our photographer (and one of my local gals)  Rachel Kara captured the day perfectly alongside David Child Kat Parker filming a video of our dinner fun (coming soon). Katie Duncan was an amazing help to me on the day (you walked many many stairs!) and the guys in Venus Cafe for keeping us fed with coffees and treats and visits from cute little French bulldogs during our long set up. Thank you!

While there was only a small number of tickets released and a few of our special friends missed out this time around, there will be more events like this to come, and I am really grateful to everyone who has contacted me to offer to help, and be involved. There will be plenty more fun in 2015 and so many more things planned too so stay tuned. 

To see pics from all the Global gatherings go to instagram 


HOST// Natalie Hayllar Eat Read Love / Jaclyn Carlson Blog Society / STYLING & BLOOMS // Lisa Madigan / FOOD // Marios Kitchen / VENUE // The Stables Retail Concept / PHOTOS // Rachel Kara / VIDEO // David Child Kat Parker / GIFTS // Aesop / WINE // Cake Wines TABLEWARE // Ode Ceramics


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