Kinfolk Sydney, Saint Cloche Paddington

Mar 11, 2015

Kinfolk Sydney gatherings are returning in 2015 and I am so proud to be hosting them again. We have a wonderful line up of great gathering ideas for you and I cannot wait to share. Finding a venue is always the hardest and the most rewarding part of planning a Kinfolk gathering. This latest venue came to me late one night in Feb after dropping a friend home. I started the car and looked across the road and there was Saint Cloche looking so pretty, all tucked away for the night but gleaming across at me. The entire drive home I had already planned the event in my head hoping they would say yes. They did. So for our next Kinfolk Sydney event we have locked in the gorgeous Saint Cloche, a brand new, contemporary gallery and concept space located in Sydney's Paddington. 

Saint Cloche has a mission to support the work of established artists while also providing a platform for fresh talent to present their ideas to the world so it is indeed the perfect place to host a Kinfolk Dinner. Located near Five Ways, the spaces frontage is on a beautiful corner, accentuated by a large set of vintage Swedish industrial windows. The aesthetic of Saint Cloche is a minimal contemporary space, made up of polished marble, concrete, metal and glass. Leisurely browse this wonderland of expression whilst enjoying some of Sydney's best coffee, or attend hosted events showcasing pieces in a tightly curated format. 

I cannot wait to share the details of our next Kinfolk Sydney event on June 14. I can tell you I will be hosting this together with Jaclyn Carlson (Blog Society) and Lisa Madigan (Styling). The rest you will just have to wait…you can follow me on instagram for all the updates and tickets sales too over at @eatreadlover. 

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