NEWS// Arthur G Celebrates 35 Years of Australian Design

Aug 17, 2015

Arthur G Celebrates 35 Years of Australian Design

By Hannah Mars

Arthur Georgopoulos founded Arthur G single-handedly in 1979. As part of 2015’s Sydney In Design week, the Australian design house transformed their Surry Hills showroom to showcase 35 years of hand-made craftsmanship.

A retrospective of their most memorable designs were displayed to commemorate the milestone. Like an in-house museum, information cards gave an insight into the era and history of each carefully chosen piece.

The earliest items dated back to the brand’s inception, such as ‘Design 22’ from 1979; a single chair (originally part of a suite with a two seater lounge), crafted in a frame of dark teak timber and brown leather upholstery; reflective of the Mediterranean, Colonial and Jacobean style’s which were particularly popular throughout the 70’s. The ‘Modular Section’ of 2001 recalled the trend for ‘casual living’ in the era, favouring easy-to-clean fabrics such as ‘ultra-suede’ in response to the demand for furniture that was versatile and low-maintenance.

Upstairs housed the brand’s current collection. In contrast to the definitive aesthetics of 20th century decades, Arthur G’s contemporary furnishings are all about combining the well-honed styles of their prior collections. Essentially, downstairs is a preview to the latest line, constructed by fusing the best elements of the past.

The diamond button, tan leather seats of the ‘Manhattan FB’ sofa are propped up by short, modern legs; refined lines with comfortable, practical proportion. Winged ‘Benson’ chairs are some of the boldest items in the Arthur G collection. Splashed with fun, abstract patterns, such as green papaya fruit, they are a modern twist on a traditional design, reflective of the brand’s ethos as a whole.

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